Jay Duggan February 10, 2021

The owners of the Town Talk Diner and Gastropub are suing Mayor Frey to foot the bill for burning them out during the George Floyd riots. They accuse the Mayor of excusing riot behavior and then acting far too late after it was was obvious that property damage would occur. Like we described before, the Mpls DFL cult invited everybody here, let them torch the place, called all of us Rocks and Cows the root cause racists, and now want us to foot the bill.

“Mostly peaceful”

The Mpls City Attorney responded to the Diner owners, “Mayor Frey took quick and decisive action…” So “quick and decisive” is four days of burning a whole neighborhood before he got control of the situation? Those are performance standards only a DFL government lifer could brag about.

Rocks and Cows believe the real gold to mine here is Dictator Walz. The Flannel Idiot is suspected of inviting the rioters and may have been in coordination with the riot “organizers” during the event. If we want to know who knew what when, then suing just Frey and Mpls won’t do the job.

Sue them all. Frey, Walz, Flanagan, Harrington, Ellison, Ellison Jr., etc.

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  1. Did you see where Frey had to come out with a announcement about the Buffalo Shooting like he was the governor? I think he is crazy enough to run for senator or governor. A legend in his own mind. Of course with Dominion voting machines, anything is possible.

  2. There is enough evidence against that tyrant wall zzz to convict him of treason. I want to see his bank records!!! I bet he took money from the demon-cratic party known as blm!!!! He Let the city burn!!! He continues to allow crime to escalate. He is guilty!! He and fryebaby both

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