Jay Duggan July 20, 2021

State Senator Jeremy MIller dropped a bomb today, that Major League Baseball owners and their sporting goods company, Rawlings Sporting Goods, are going to fire all the employees and close the factory of Miken Sports in Caledonia MN and send their jobs to China. Rawlings is the oldest and most respected sporting goods companies specializing in baseball gear and logo apparel. Rawlings was acquired by the Major League Baseball ownership group, which includes the Pohlad family that owns the Twins. Rawlings then acquired 20 year old Miken Sports and their factory in Caledonia MN to expand their softball and baseball product offerings. According to Senator MIller, MLB and their Wall Street private equity partners have decided to fire the hundreds of workers, close the plant, and send the jobs and factory to Communist China because they really only want the name and product catalog. They don’t care where the gear is made. China is Twins Territory!! “America’s Pastime” is now counting money, calling America racist, and outsourcing jobs to Communist China.

(This used to be “Twins Territory”.)

Forbes magazine estimated over five years ago the Pohlad family was worth $4 billion and one of the richest 75 families in America. It can be safely assumed with the free money policy from the Federal Reserve during COVID and the booming stock market they are likely worth double that now. How much extra does the Pohlad family pocket from their cut as MLB owners for firing 25% of the private workforce in small town Caledonia? Would their cut of the extra profit from devastating Caledonia even cover the cost of one Ferrari at their new dealership in the Twin Cities? Will Governor Potato Head call out his richest donors for firing one quarter of a town in SE Minnesota to send their jobs to Communist China? Or does “One Minnesota” allow billionaires to sweatshop American jobs to China if they donate to the campaign?

When even Major League Baseball makes it a full time profession to crap on America you are in a bad place.