We at RocksandCows.org have been in support of this movement from the start. Rocks and Cows of Minnesota and all the Rocks and Cows platforms, being political in nature, have watched to see how many voices it would take to overcome this issue, without it turning into an out right political fight. With nearly 19k voices strong, if the MSHSL does not side with the movement tomorrow, its time to enter the fight.

The reality is that this was political from the start. If the Walz team were to allow high school sports, all the other businesses would have an argument to fully open, or at least expand their indoor capacities. First the bars and restaurants would petition or sue. Then the hair salons, coffee shops and all others would follow. Then Walz will have nothing to substantiate his “Emergency Powers.” This happening prior to the election, is just something that they cannot allow.

The Rocks and Cows of Minnesota movement is already starting to work toward taking this fight to a political level. The “Rocks and Cows of Minnesota – High School Sports” FB page was launched today. We are looking to live cast tomorrows MSHSL meeting. We are also moving to make this a prominent part of all our candidates’ platform in an effort of putting this on the agenda for the next emergency legislative session.

It is my sincere hope that the MSHSL will vote to reinstate our high school sports tomorrow. But it is my fear that tomorrows meeting is one to simply address their procedural mistakes from their last meeting.. Either way we will be prepared to enact a plan of action.

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