Jay Duggan March 16, 2021

During the second complete shutdown over the winter holidays many businesses reopened in frustration, and all of them were shutdown forcefully by Dictator Walz. Lisa Hanson, of Interchange Bistro in Albert Lea, was one of them.

Lisa was shutdown during this defiant restart by the City of Albert Lea government assisting MN Dept of Health. She was promptly sued by MN Dept Health, had her food license revoked, her business shutdown, her employees fired, fined in the thousands, a restraining order issued that keeps her closed today, and there is still more months of court case and costs.

May be an image of coffee cup and brick wall
(If you are a dictator, even defiance by a coffee shop cannot go unpunished)

Lisa Hanson did not accept that Walz can assume powers not granted to him in statute or constitution, especially those to close a business, and held a city protest and also remained open in defiance until her restraining order hearing. Lisa then closed to the public to deal with the mountain of fines, suits, and license revocations. If Walz’s “emergency” powers are solely granted “to protect the public” you would think closing a business, yanking all it’s licenses, levying a pile of fines, and tying the business owner up in a year of civil court battles would do the job since Lisa was separated from the public entirely. You would be wrong. Walz and Attorney General Ellison convinced their lackey in Albert Lea, City Attorney Kelly Martinez, to also charge Lisa with 9 newly invented crimes of defying a dictator.

Infuriated that this dictatorship and it’s punishments could go on this long without meaningful opposition by anybody in elected office, Lisa Hansen sued all the parties (including Gov Walz) of her civil and criminal charging process for violating her civil rights and abusing the courts with malicious intent. Lisa’s reward for suing the system and also demanding they reveal all evidence involved in the decisions of dictatorship, was discovery on Thursday that a warrant has been issued for her arrest on the criminal charges,

This brings us to last Friday’s “turning of the dials” by The Flannel Idiot. If there really is “light at the end of the tunnel” and we are in the last stretches of COVID with the vaccine roll out, they why must Dictator Walz still be suing Lisa Hansen in Albert Lea? Threatening to put her in jail? Or the dozens of other businesses still in court over fines and restraining orders? Months after the restaurants were allowed to open? When not a single one of the businesses is anything of a public threat? If we are “One Minnesota” and to will move past this to rebuilding the economy and trust?

We all know the reason. The end isn’t anywhere near close. Dictator Potato Head will run the smoke and mirror show of minor periodical “dial turns” as long as he can, and certainly thru a final budget agreement in late May or June, and likely thru what ever period of time it takes to negotiate final spending commitment for the $2-2.5 billion of Biden COVID bailout money. Should some idiot like Fauci or Osterholm in DC start panicking over an undefined new virus mutation or strain as next winters flu season approaches we may look back fondly at the “freedom” of the March “dial turn”.

You can support Lisa’s battle against illegal use of emergency powers and malicious abuse of the court system to punish political enemies by Dictator Walz. Support her legal effort HERE.

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  1. There’s one sure fire way to deal with tyrants like this, but I don’t want to repeat it right now..

  2. How about citizens grand juries and criminal tribunals for these punks? We’re not going to get any justice from the dirtbags who run this crooked system, so maybe we should deal with it ourselves.

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