Jay Duggan January18, 2021

Rocks and Cows has long pointed out that Dictator Walz and Mpls DFL religious cult are attacking the industry and jobs and rural culture of Greater MN. The Green New Deal cult has long decided any industry having to do with natural resources or ag industry that uses energy is bad, and that the independent way of life and thinking must be squashed.

Barely one week into the regular session and the Minneapolis DFL has decided there can be no new mining on the Iron Range. Friends of the Boundary Waters (and former employer of DNR head Sarah Stromman) have a Duluth senator and a Minnetonka house rep carrying their bills for a “prove it first” regulatory hurdle. An impossible standard if any variabilities exist between proposed mining and existing mines. This is just a follow up to previous attacks by the Dictator Walz’s MPCA DEMANDING the US Environmental Protection Agency to attack iron mines with new mercury regulations.

Attacking the practice of mining wasn’t enough. The religious cult of The Green New Deal has decided it is not fast enough for carbon free energy technologies to come into the electric utility mix as they are cost effective. The Mpls DFL has decided that they will force the utility companies to do it faster than the economics allow and it wont cost them a dime, BECAUSE THEY WILL FORCE YOU TO PAY ON YOUR ELECTRIC BILL. This latest scoop of green insanity to go all wind and solar and make you pay for it was introduced in HF 10. The bill is more less the crazy companion to Walz ‘s mandate deciding we all need electric cars so much he will make it illegal to sell gas vehicles in Minnesota soon. The Senate hasn’t had enough spine to do anything about the insanity of a car mandate by regulation , so the MN cars dealers have had to sue themselves.

The Green New Deal isnt just about stripping Greater Minnesota of the cost effective ability to generate natural resource and ag processing jobs. The Green New Deal is more than that. It is a cultural suicide pact also has that neat progressive component that declares capitalism and our history is a Euro-centric stain that must be removed. The best way to beat the Euro-centric capitalist “systemic racism” out of a populace and train them in the new progressive religion? You start by brainwashing the children, and reforming social studies classes in Minnesota to run on progressive propaganda and history erasure. Out – studying WW1, WW2 (including Iron Range role in the war), Civil War, Revolutionary War, George Washington, COMMUNISM, THE HOLOCAUST, and Thomas Jefferson. In – The 1619 Project, and the teaching that everything in America and Minnesota was always racist, is still racist, and only perpetual guilt and self loathing and progressive politics will fix it. Of course you would remove any lessons on communism’s previous string of total failures if you don’t want people to realize it never works. I wish I was making this up, but it real and happening in MN right now.

To cap off a week of progressive gaslighting on race and white nationalists Walz called the National Guard to protect the state capitol based on FBI monitored puffery from 1 or 2 ppl in a “boogaloo” online chatroom. After calling out the Guard he left for a few stops in Rocks and Cows country, including Wasioja, to further portray Minnesota as a racist cesspool in need of his guiding hand to unify. Even the Minneapolis Federal District Court has been closed due to undisclosed threats by DFL Judge Tunheim. No credible threats and no racial incidents anywhere in the state, but Walz is at war with imaginary white supremecists.

(It appears the Rocks and Cows in Wasioja have Walz figured out)

Why the desperate need to paint Minnesota as a state under siege from white nationalist boogeymen? Why such drastic action as calling up the National Guard and decrying at least half the state as racist? Why all the rash action if as Dept. Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said , “there are no current credible threats.”? You can’t get crazy stuff like 1619 Project social studies mandates, massive green energy electric bill hikes, forced electric cars, mining moratoriums, and gun control passed unless you have a boogeyman to fight, and have scared the MNGOP house and senate into the fetal position from fear of being labeled as those boogeymen.

This is just the first two weeks of regular session and the battle lines have been drawn. Do the good guys fight for the Rocks and Cows, or hide from Dictator Walz and the Minneapolis DFL cult of The Green New Deal?


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  1. Until the Republicans in Minnesota get their heads out of the dark Dictator Walz will continue unchecked. The silent need to not be silent anymore!

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