Jay Duggan February 27, 2021

Update – Full story had to be retracted and replaced with the below statement due to retraction of permission to share from source.

Rocks and Cows had full article up earlier using testimony that Casey’s General Stores has implemented a zero tolerance mask police, No Mask No Service, and that it has been used to get some employees fired without warning. Making store employees the mask police also was alleged it may have had other motivations tied to employee replacement.

The source of our information chose right after publication to retract their permission to share, so that choice was honored and we retracted the article. Without that testimony Rocks and Cows retract any previous assertion based on the information and cannot ask any questions or make any factual assertions about Casey’s specific or larger motivations beyond the known mask enforcement policy and at least one employee being fired recently.

The mangers of several stores had been fired recently, for reasons unknown and the New York Mills former employees are upset over a recent firing at their store and are protesting near their store Sunday at 1pm., February 28

We hope to have a person present to gather other new facts to report. A radical mask enforcement policy implemented almost a year after the emergency started in Minnesota is unacceptable, but that is all we can assert right now

Note – Rocks and Cows contacted the Casey’s Corporate, developing information for the original article, and a nice lady in Regional Mgmnt Ops told us the CEO Darren Rebelez and upper management were aware of policy and staff changes.

See the source image
(The mask Karens run Casey’s General Stores) corporate
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