Environmental and Indigenous leaders on Thursday responded with alarm after Minnesota regulators approved key permits for Enbridge Energy’s planned Line 3 Pipeline replacement, and called on Democratic Gov. Tim Walz to block any construction for the Canadian company’s long-delayed multibillion-dollar project.

Minnesota Permits Pipeline Replacement for Line 3

Pressure needs to be put on Walz to ensure that the permits are not undone. The pipeline not only will provide many needed, ( idiot unions that voted for the DFL please take note ) high paying construction jobs, but also ensures the environmental safety of the region as well; the current pipeline is aging and needs to be replaced. And although the “progressives” say they are all about the environment and the use of oil is evil but their use of OIL has not declined and the current demand for, as they say, “the evil substance” will not decrease in our lifetime. At the end of the day, a new pipeline is safer than the old one.