Jay Duggan February 06, 2021

For the last several decades the number of wolves in Rocks and Cows territory has been climbing, while the number of moose and deer within their range has declined. Funny that. The Trump Administration admitted the obvious about growing wolf populations, and all the damage wolves were inflicting on the ranching in the affected areas, and delisted them as endangered in the Upper Midwest.

With current populations of 2700+ in Minnesota, 1000+ in Wisconsin, and more than 500 in Upper Peninsula Michigan, the populations will need to be controlled to remain within the wild areas that are not in conflict with people and livestock.

Wisconsin will institute a wolf hunt in the fall of this year. Dictator Walz has rejected hunting or trapping, so wolf conflicts with livestock and humans will continue to grow with increased wolves and expanded range. The Minnesota DNR has instituted a two zone policy and a two track set of rules for dealing with wolf conflict. If you have cattle you have more recourse but the growing problem will continue without assistance from hunters or the state.

Wolves wolves are everywhere

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  1. Some of the biggest wolves are walz and his administration. They prey on the weak and vulnerable, the unborn and the elderly. They prowl, kill and maim small businesses and lock citizens in unlawful and unjustified fears.

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