Jay Duggan November 23, 2020

That would be Governor Assistant Football Coach

Dictator Walz has head moron Jan Malcolm running MNHealth. Jan and her buddies at Fairview-U of M hospitals are running the COVID treatment and planning decisions. They have been consistently wrong. Among the medical expertise available in Minnesota we have chosen the least qualified to run a viral outbreak. It shows. A health system managing costs down during this episode, sending COVID ppl into eldercare when Medicare won’t pay them anymore, laying off staff and closing a hospital when the governor had $2 billion for COVID. Walz has captained probably the worst effort possible from a state with more medical resources than any other country in the world not named USA.

The latest decision by Team Moron is to close a fully functioning COVID treatment hospital with 90 beds and turn it into a homeless shelter. Fairview wanted to save money, and as we have learned in other stories, the Governor gave away half the COVID CARES Act money to local units of govt that are now squandering some of it on golf course clubhouses, sculpture gardens, fire trucks, and other goodies that could only be paid for with “free” money from the govt (translation – you).

Total fail. The full news story linked below…

  1. It sounds typical the morons don’t have a clue of what they’re doing they all need to step down. As I stated in a recent email to our dictator he should step up and be aman and admit he’s been wrong from the beginning its aall been about fear and control. In my opinion he and his staff should be accountable for the deaths that have happened that were not due to covid, but caused by his mandates.

  2. Do you remember last spring when the corrupt government and hospital administrators told us the hospitals were overwhelmed with CO vid patients? Citizen journalists scoured those hospitals and found that there were so few co vid patients that they had nothing to do, in fact the only thing that kept them busy was making tik tok videos. Like this:


    They can’t do the same thing, so this fall when they KNEW staff members are getting colds and the flu they tested them for Co vid and of course now they have THOUSANDS of staff who are OUT because they tested positive with faulty tests which the inventor of the PCR (Kary Mullis) said it should NEVER be used to test for disease. (See these interviews of Dr. Mullis :

    IF you don’t have enough staff to take care of patients they have to turn people away. So those with cancer, heart problems, TB (which killed a million last year) , diabetes and a variety of other life threatening diseases are being turned away from the hospitals…..even your famed Mayo Clinic which is NOT the institution we all remember.

  3. The emperor is wearing his invisible clothes and telling us that the sky is falling if we don’t do as he dictates. Once Biden gets in there will be no stopping MN becoming the next Nazi state. All we’re missing is the yellow stars and the gas showers. 1984 and big brother are no longer a book or movie; it’s truly becoming a reality.

    Walz says we can eat cake and Pelosi says we can eat $20 pint ice cream from her $20,000 refrigerator.

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