Jay Duggan April 01, 2021

Lisa Hanson, owner Interchange Bistro in Albert Lea (Freeborn County), opened in defiance of Governor Potato Head’s shutdown orders during the last winter holiday. She was attacked with fines and restraining orders by MN Dept of Health for emergency shutdown violations. After a protest and extra days of operating in defiance she did close her doors and began the work of fighting the civil fines, license restrictions, and legal battle. Because Lisa felt the civil fines and restrictions were a violation of her civil rights, she sued the local officials that participated in her shutdown. Lisa also sued Governor Walz and AG Keith Ellison personally, and her reward was to have the DFL puppet City Attorney of Albert Lea charge her with CRIMES for violating the executive orders months earlier

A criminal warrant for Lisa’s arrest was issued by the district judge. SHERIFF FREITAG OF FREEBORN COUNTY HAS REFUSED TO SERVE THE WARANT AND ARREST LISA. The AG Ellison mini-me City Attorney of Albert Lea is demanding the Sheriff arrest Lisa , AND THERE IS A DISTRICT COURT HEARING TOMORROW TO FIND OUT IF THE JUDGE CAN FORCE SHERIFF FREITAG TO ARREST LISA.

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The best I can tell after reviewing Chapter 387 of the Minnesota Statutes on Sheriffs, that the judge could fine the Sheriff only $200 and sue him if he decided to “take the judge’s ruling under advisement” and later decide to exercise his discretion and not execute the warrant for arrest, and deny others the right to exercise the warrant in his county. Will the Sheriff defy the judge? If the Sheriff refuses to comply and arrest Lisa Hanson, can Governor Potato Head remove the Sheriff? Would the MN Supreme Court have to rule if the Governor can make and enforce criminal law that has nothing to do with public safety during an emergency? Will the courts finally find a limit to Dictator Walz’s powers, or confirm him as a tyrant for life that can write any law he desires and stay dictator as long as the DFL concurs?


THURSDAY 1PM COURT TIME. ZOOM Meeting ID 160 908 2069 Passcode 712594

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  1. Walz has the blessings of the Democratic Party and the judicial system. Hope for change but not holding my breath.

  2. Time to make a wall and stop this bullshit, proud of that sheriff for standing up for what’s right….WE NEED ALOT MORE TO DO THE SAME……IM IN

  3. Sheriff Freitag is a great guy, I’ve known him for years and there’s gray areas everywhere in every law and he was elected by the ppl of Freeborn Co, not walz, the judge or the co atty!! He is an elected official and he is allowed to run his office the way he sees fit!!

  4. After watching Sheriff Mack on several legitimate sites it is my understanding that Sherifss represent the people not other elected officials.

  5. After watching Sheriff Mack on several legitimate sites it is my understanding that s Sheriff represents the people not other elected officials.

  6. Sheriff Freitag is a very intelligent man I don’t believe he would knowingly do what is wrong.

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