Jay Duggan April 03, 2021


Freeborn County Sheriff Kurt Freitag was called to court on Wednesday. The extreme leftist DFL City Attorney of Albert Lea, Crazy Kelly Martinez, had accused him of contempt of court for refusing to arrest Lisa Hanson right away on the heinous crimes of defying Dictator Walz’s second shutdown TO SELL SANDWICHES AND WINE.

Lisa had opened during the early December second Walz shutdown. She was fined and served by the Dept of Health right away, stayed open a couple weeks longer in protest, and then succumbed to the restraining order and mountain of fines and license revocations and closed her business to the public. Lisa replied to her permanent shutdown by the MN Dept of Health with a civil rights lawsuit of her own on all parties involved, including Crazy Kelly Martinez. Kelly pushed her office’s active shooter panic button for no understandable reason when Lisa stood in the waiting area to serve her, so it was no surprise when the nutjob charged Lisa with 9 misdemeanor crimes as a return favor for getting sued. Sheriff Freitag had been in contact with Lisa throughout most of the ordeal, and it was relayed he must obey the law where it is clear, but that he had sympathy, disagreed with the Governor’s orders and Crazy Kelly’s revenge criminal charges, and would help where he legally could.

Sheriff Kurt Freitag had made statements about defending freedom, law enforcement, and civil liberties during the campaign season, and had even considered attending a Sheriff Mack CSPOA.org lecture on asserting the power of the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff is also known locally as a person who doesn’t shy away from a fight. He sued the County to get a pay raise and the case took over a year and went all the way to the MN Supreme Court to get him a win. Lisa was encouraged that maybe when she discovered her arrest warrant had been issued that Sheriff Freitag was going to exercise the power he legally could and keep Crackpot Kelly Martinez from getting her revenge criminal charges enforced and arrest her.

So, when Sheriff Freitag and the County Attorney showed up in court to answer Crazy Kelly’s attempt to get him held in contempt for not arresting Lisa, everybody was encouraged immediately by the arguments of the County Attorney. The County Attorney, Mr. Walker, pointed out to the judge hearing the issue that the Chief Judge of the 3rd District (the hearing judge’s boss) had previously ruled that it was well within a Sheriff’s right to quash, or stop enforcement, of misdemeanor charges not related to domestic violence. BAM, take that. The Sheriff doesn’t have to arrest Lisa and you can’t make him. Kooky Kelly just about blew a gasket at this point in the hearing, throwing a fit since she thought her chance to arrest and screw Lisa might be slipping away. The judge at this point slipped into asking nicely for the Sheriff to just arrest her and help move things along. The County Attorney said again the Sheriff can’t be held in contempt because he can’t be in contempt for something the City Attorney or local judge can’t make him do. Thinks are starting to look good. The Sheriff has rights, and the leftist nutjob is on the ropes.

Just then at the end, the Sheriff spoke up for the first time and explained how he believed Lisa may not have been served properly as one reason he hadn’t arrested Lisa, and the judge started to wrap up the hearing by asking the Sheriff to voluntarily comply one more time. INSTEAD OF STANDING ON THE ARGUMENT FROM HIS OWN COUNTY ATTORNEY THAT HE HAD POWERS TO EXERCISE AND WOULD NOT BE ARRESTING LISA, AND CRAZY KELLY COULD APPEAL TO THE CHIEF JUDGE IF THEY STILL HAD A DISPUTE………..Sheriff Freitag seemed happy enough that the judge agreed he wasn’t in contempt AND HE AGREED VOLUNTARILY TO HAVE LISA ARRESTED IN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS.

From hero to zero in 15 seconds. I guess a person can claim to be conservative and speak to defending values and law enforcement, and even can fight all the way to the MN Supreme Court to get a personal pay raise, BUT FIGHTING FOR CITIZENS AND THE CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES YOU PROFESS TO HAVE DURING CAMPAIGN SEASON ISN’T ANYWHERE NEAR AS IMPORTANT AS MAKING YOUR JOB AS A SHERIFF EASIER (and getting a pay raise). Sheriff Freitag rolled over and let Crazy Kelly Martinez, the resident Albert Lea DFL extremist, slap the choke collar on him.

Without a serious change of heart it appears the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office is run by the unelected Albert Lea City Attorney, and that the Sheriff wants her endorsement and support more than ours. Lisa Hanson could also use our help if you want to participate in suing the Governor’s ability to make up criminal law all by himself during an emergency. We have been told since the hearing the Sheriff’s Deputies have been observed often at her empty house trying to arrest her, but she isnt in the tank yet. We’ll let you know if she gets nabbed, and if by some miracle Sheriff Freitag has a change of heart and decides to quit his job with Crazy Kelly Martinez and be Sheriff again we’ll let you know that too.

Correction 4/3 4:30pm – Criminal charges preceded Lisa serving Crazy Kelly with civil lawsuit papers, but the warrants for arrest weren’t issued until after Kelly got served and had the panic button freak out incident.

(UPDATE 4/6 12:30PM – R&C jumped on the Sheriff for agreeing to arrest Lisa in the story above, so Sheriff Freitag called me. He hadn’t arrested Lisa for 2 weeks and was called to court. He hadn’t arrested her until then because she wasn’t served properly but claims she would reach out to court herself and insure she got proper papers and then show up at the jail to pay bail and leave with a receipt. He claims he didn’t quash because he wasn’t asked to and it would be foolish to do so if he didn’t know her intentions. He told the court he believed there was personal animus involved in the charges, but still believed Lisa would arrange a hearing with court herself and show as she had done 26 times before. Lisa since has become upset it’s obvious Kelly Martinez hopes the jail arrest processing before leaving itself is one of the chief embarrassments from bringing the charges.
Am I mad the Sheriff didn’t just tell the court a misdemeanor crime for selling sandwiches 3 months after the fact was malicious, unnecessary, and served no public safety interest and he refused to assist in serving the warrant? Yes. Can he still? Yes.
If he doesn’t know Lisa’s intentions could he start a shitstorm for nothing if she decided to show in court anyways for a whack at Walz and Crazy Kelly Martinez? Maybe.
I want Lisa and Sheriff Freitag to get on the same page and see if together they can expose Crazy Kelly for bringing criminal charges that serve no public safety purpose but make her feel good as a butthurt DFL shutdown evangelist.
I believe they might have a conversation, and if that settles the matter I may owe the Sheriff half an apology. I still want one elected official to stand up and say “No More!” and maybe that will happen yet. It should. 1 year is long enough.)


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