Our first patriot is Larvita McFarquhar. She is a business owner in Lynd MN , just south of Marshall in Lyon County, and has a building that contains a gymnastics facility, a dance studio, and a small menu restaurant with lounge space. The restaurant was victim to the first shutdown, and now in the second shutdown all three have been considered expendable to Governor Walz. She decided despite the attacks and threats by AG Keith Ellison that she is going to open her business to those people who chose to patronize. She opened Friday evening to host friends and fellow freedom lovers from across Minnesota, and over 100 came and went throughout the night enjoying DJ music, food, and drink.

You can read about Larvita’s Friday night controversy here – https://www.dailywire.com/news/single-mom-in-tiny-minnesota-town-plans-to-defy-state-order-open-bar-on-friday

And learn more about her story and Haven’s Garden, and a little Friday video here – https://www.facebook.com/havensgardenmn

Our second patriot is Lyon County Sheriff Eric Wallen. A man in a tough spot, he was leaned on by all the bureaucrats in St Paul to go and squash Larvita and do Ellison’s dirty work for him. The Sheriff tried to discourage Larvita from stirring controversy, but when the rubber hit the road the Sheriff decided he was elected by the people of Lyon County and not AG Keith Ellison. The Sheriff told Rocks and Cows nobody was getting arrested or fined, and that would only happen if somebody drove out from St Paul. The man was true to his word.

You can THANK SHERIFF WALLEN FOR BEING A PATRIOT and upholding his oath to the ppl at –[email protected]

Larvita and the patrons of Haven’s Garden enjoyed a night of fellowship and the Sheriff’s deputies spent a night protecting the citizens of Lyon County from real crime. It appears the dispute between Larvita and Ellison no longer involves a Sheriff in the middle.

Keith Ellison hasn’t made the news or any effort I can find for prosecuting a single rioter, arsonist, statue vandal, state trooper attacker, highway obstructor, illegal voter, illegal alien criminal, or drug dealer…….but there is no doubt that after Larvita gets a little news exposure for having the gall to host 50-60 ppl at a restaurant he will assemble a full team of lawyers for millions in taxpayer expense to sue Larvita. Minneapolis metro stores and malls are packed with hundreds and thousands, with no spacing or time limit in the establishments, to fill Black Friday shopping lists. Yet, it seems a lady hosting a few dozens in a rural Minnesota restaurant lounge is a threat to the republic.

Everyone can help defend Larvita and the right of businesses to fight the unconstitutional shutdowns with her legal fund, here – https://givesendgo.com/GXSX?fbclid=IwAR3ZnQZqJs-3exChBO_9tXRPqyak0m_toVCFjWZccy0qT-BWIdc-pn9tZ_g

Larvita may be the first, but she will not be the last. The unlawful business shutdown orders of Walz are just that, unlawful, and only orders. The dam is breaking and if all the Sheriffs in Minnesota were patriots Governor Walz would be forced to call the legislature into session, give up his dictator powers, and sit down with the legislature for common sense fixes to mitigate for COVID that didn’t involve destroying small business across Minnesota.

Rocks And Cows will continue to follow Larvita’s story, and in the meantime try the pizza at Haven’s Garden and report back. It looks really good from the pictures and reviews.


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