Government has been curb stomping small business owners for months, but now they claim to be the saviors as they throw them a bandaid.

That of course is referring to the House and Senate now passing the economic relief bill. The bill gives the government 240 million dollars to handout in bailouts to struggling businesses. However, in reality it gives government the power to continue to pick winners and losers.

House vote on Senate File 31

To be able to qualify for the bailout the business will have to be in good standing with the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Which will cut out the business that are in need of the money most. Will other business that are on Governor Walz’s bad side be denied help as well?

The few businesses that will qualify will be stuck giving a a share back to the government. As the funds will be taxable. That’s also not factoring in the increased unemployment benefit costs.

Nothing in the bill can claim to be a permanent fix as the source of the problem remains Governor Walz’s emergency powers. Which leads us to wonder is this nothing more than a cover for Walz to extend the shutdown?

After all this bill was conceived in a dark corner by only handful of people. How are we to know their intent when transparency is nonexistent.

Read the bill here.

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