For the last 6 months Jan Malcolm, MNHealth, and Dictator Tim Walz have been begging the public to practice proper COVID safety measures and even mandating masks, business closings, event cancellations and school restrictions. 75-80% of deaths from COVID have been in nursing homes and long term care facilites since Day 1, but Dictator Walz has cracked down forcefully on the general public and even gone as far as to start testing people in the general public with no COVID symptoms to find and isolate the virus.

Yesterday we found out MNHealth not only finally started to get around to testing all the staff and patients in nursing homes closed to the public in August, BUT THAT THE MNHEALTH INSPECTORS THEMSELVES HAVE BEEN TRAVELING THE ENTIRE STATE INFECTING NURSING HOMES AND KILLING SENIORS BECAUSE MNHEALTH NEVER BOTHERED TO TEST THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES (click underscored for Strib news link).

Dictator Walz has been punishing the #RocksAnd Cows territory with a special state mask police taskforce, while at the same time Jan Malcolm at MNHealth and her team of incompetent morons has been traveling border to border killing seniors by spreading COVID in locked nursing homes and long term care facilities.


The Republican Senators that can insure a vote not to confirm her and make it happen?

Senator Dr. Scott Jensen 651-296-3988

Senator Jim Abeler 651-296-3733

Senator Karin Housley 651-296-4351

33 thoughts on “Jan Malcolm is Killing Seniors”
  1. My God the incomopitence of the represenitives of the state of MN Is inconceivable! How we as tax payers are letting this happen is beyond my comprehension. Lets drain this pond of demratical demons !!!

  2. All 3 of these senators have a reason to let Jan go. I support them as they fire incompetence.

  3. They have not only killed seniors, they have killed many others in our state due to the horrible mandates in place the past 6 months. Isolation, depression, anxiety, fear, suicides are up as a result. Jan Malcolm must be fired now… don’t stop with her!!!
    We’ve sold our home and are moving to Florida… we’ve had it. My prayers will be with you ?

    1. Right this minute I am loading up and moving to Texas. This state is rotten to the Dem core

  4. I just can’t believe this is happening in our state! Please get rid of her!

  5. I have said this from the start they brought in covid sick to nursing homes in Minnesota and New York these governors must stand trial for this NOW

  6. Fire all their asses. Walz needs to go but since judges and others in power seam to think he can do no wrong- let’s get rid of his footlocker yes men and women.

  7. Governor Walz and Jan Malcom are incompetent in their positions. They have proven this over and over. They continue to implement mandates yet never give goals or end dates. Anyone in healthcare knows there is always a Care Plan which includes the problem, treatment and realistic goals with end dates. These Care Plans are developed with patient input. We the people (in this case we would be the patient) have had no participation in deciding what is in our best interest. There are no specific goals nor a realistic end date to the “treatment “ they have singlehandedly implemented. It’s very clear this is political and not about our health and wellbeing. If they were my attending physician I would fire them.

  8. The entire state government should be fired. Please strip walz of his so called powers. Just another cow and rock

  9. Fire her and the rest of them also. We need to get back to normal and we need to do now. This is killing MN all around. Get rid of walz also.

  10. Please stop the madness. Our rights are being trampled on and there is no one at the top of MN government following science. The virus has to spread through the population. What is happening in the school system because of the direction of this health department is ridiculous when the evidence of children spreading the virus and/or getting sick themselves is non-existent!

  11. Please do something to restrict Walz’ power. This has gone on for far too long. If Jan Malcolm cannot be trusted to do the right thing and resign, then she needs to be fired before she is confirmed. As well as the rest if his idiotic, so called experts. If the Republicans can’t get this right and stand up to the Dems, then maybe it’s time for a changing of right guards.

  12. In the US. I for one will not wear a mask. Wearing a mask it’s going to cause a lot of respiratory problems down the road. I will not bow down to the Minnesota government. Vote read. Get them out of Government. says:

    This mandated by Governor waltz is totally ridiculous. He is nothing but a dictator and communist and needs to be removed. This virus is nothing they have made the people so afraid of everything. Does that remind you of Hitler scaring all his people to do his bidding. Well that’s what they’re doing here In the US. I for one will not wear a mask. Wearing a mask it’s going to cause a lot of respiratory problems down the road. I will not bow down to the Minnesota government. Vote red. Get them out of Government.

  13. Fire her now or vote not to confirm her! We are fed up! We are taking back our state! We the people of this state will no longer abide your incompetence!

  14. [email protected]
    We need to fire Jan and remove Walz from office. They have caused many deaths not only by infecting our senior citizens and there have many more suicides than normal, and crimes have escalated. Our education system has been all screwed because of them. Please HELP!!!

  15. It is heinous that Malcolm continues to NOT address the issues in our LTC facilities and we continue to experience such a high death rate of our most vulnerable adults. Minnesota’s issue is NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC that is required to wear masks, which is now being proved to even cause more cases. Malcom and Walz have had a five point plan for LTC for months and either they haven’t implemented it OR IT ISN’T EFFECTIVE. It appears they would rather not address the issue, since if they do Minnesota numbers will decrease substantially and Walz will be unable to get away with his Emergency power. PLEASE STOP THIS INSANE DISREGARD FOR OUR SENIORS IN LTC facilities and start by firing Malcolm.

  16. Jay, perhaps it is time to take a page from the Left’s book. Perhaps it is time for the conservative voices to be in mass on the front lawn of each of the House Democrats. That we make a lot of noise demanding that they DO the JOB they were ELECTED to do and VOTE to end the one man show of Walz. Perhaps we can invite some state & national coverage such as Justice & Drew, Joe Pags, the Hodge Twins, Candace Owens, … to talk about how our Rights are being violated and that the unelected commissioners are actually the ones making the decisions and that our Governor is making laws instead of the two branches that are to hold that responsibility. This is Billions of dollars of Taxation without Representation !
    Time to end this shameful high jacking of our Constitutional Republic!

  17. Jan Malcolm is not qualified to hold the position of Health Commissioner of the State of Minnesota. While not being critical of the person, but of the process, Malcolm does not carry a single degree in Medical science, only a BS degree in Psychology. Which does not even provide a course in medical terminology, let alone biology. This level of instructional degree also does not require ongoing continuing education to maintain a current level of competence in the field, as State licensure would, at a higher level degree.
    The perplexing conundrum is how she managed a career path as a CEO, VP, Finance, and a State Health Commissioner with only a single BS degree in a field that does not qualify for any of the positions she has held over her career. Which lays suspect and unchecked to the employment privileges she has received her entire working career.
    As the appointed State Health Commissioner by Govenor Tim Walz, this pandemic has placed her in a position to make critical life and death medical decisions for which she nor Govenor Walz are clearly not qualified to make. Govenor Walz appointed Jan Malcolm in trust that she possess the knowledge required to make these important decisions based on the privileged employment experiences of Ms Malcolm vs her lack of medical education. That endorsement and appointment demonstrates that neither Walz or Malcolm should be in the high level positions that they are, and both should step down or be removed by the Senate and/or the Citizens of Minnesota.
    It is critical and necessary to vote NOT to re-appoint Jan Malcolm and seek to appoint a qualified Doctor of Medicine (or similarly qualified) to hold this important position of Minnesota Health Commissioner, after all, its our Health!

    1. You are absolutely correct in you assessment of Malcolm’s qualifications to be the Minnesota Health Commissioner. Some lesser positions in the Minnesota Department of Health require much more than Malcolm’s qualifications. That’s not hard to determine from their posted past and current job openings. So she was awarded the position of Minnesota Health Commissioner NOT because she deserved or was qualified for it but it was a political gift. Minnesota State Commissioner positions should be based on the best qualified and not necessarily by their political persuasion unless they have both. As a senior citizen, I am compelled to let my feelings be known. I want to make it clear that I am not being critical of Commissioner Malcolm as a person.

  18. Please save MINNESOTA’S VULNERABLE CITIZENS! MALCOLM has to go! She & walz should be charged with MURDER!

  19. It’s time this insanity stops! Fire her and everyone involved. Charges shoule be involved also starting with the tiny tyrant Walz

  20. Jan Malcolm needs to loose her job. She should know better. The public has known that seniors in these facilities should have been much safer since they had no communication with the outside side world. How incompetent is her organization. ???

  21. Can this be shared with others that don’t belong to Rocks and Cows of Minnesota. The entire state/country needs to know about this!

  22. Why are we allowing this to happen? We need both of them fired. Looks like Utah was able to drop all Covid restrictions and Florida is sueing as well.

    Lets do what we need to do to get them gone and restore some life back into our seniors. This is so cruel.

  23. Walz needs to go as well as Melcome and erdsmen. Anyone associated with this mandate should go!! Everyone!!

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