Jay Duggan December 15, 2020

  Last night’s Senate and House sessions did not stop Governor Walz’s dictator powers because of the 62-63 lost House vote, but if you watched the sessions you were watching the tide go out on Dictator Walz’s shutdowns.
  The highlight in the House session was Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen telling his fellow members about a constituent single mom with a business purchased early this year. She has a heavy debt to pay and 2 kids to feed, and Walz has shut her down twice just in time to ruin Christmas. The DFL could barely bring themselves to shame us for “risking Grandma’s life” with a straight face before they voted party line to maintain dictator.  In fact, they lost 6 DFL votes to the good guys. 6 seats that will still be there in January with the new 2021 House. There is a working majority to turn off dictator powers AND Tyrannt Timmy sees the coming David and Goliath narrative and the single mom sob stories of bankruptcy BY THE HUNDREDS coming to a tv commercial near you RIGHT AT CHRISTMAS.
  For good measure Senator Tom Bakk took to the Senate floor to blast Walz and Ellison on illegal gun range closures using emergency powers PROHIBITED BY LAW WRITTEN FOR GOVERNORS IN AN EMERGENCY. Walz, or likely an Ellison office idiot, went and dragged the gun rights movement into this battle in time for the special session vote. More unnecessary burden for Governor Asst Football Coach at the wrong time.
  The workings of the session were important because it may have been the final added weight that tipped the scales. Walz had already moved his Monday announcement of shutdown extensions to Wednesday. Why? Because he wanted to see how large ReOpen Minnesota Coalition  becomes and if it remains manageable for Keith Ellison to stomp out. It’s getting hairy because Tiny Tim keeps seeing more and more news stories about how 150+ businesses are going to open despite his temper tantrum.
  Walz was already feeling the weight before the special session debate from the Lifetime Fitness billionaire CEO and the 30,000 pissed off mom’s led by Dawn Gilman at “Let Them Play”, both wanting to sue his butt to prove he has no sound health and scientific process or reasoning in place for any of his gym and sports closure decisions. Between both those parties they have enough money and connections to get better health experts in court than the morons Jan Malcolm and MNHealth could ever hope to send. Its a headache that just doesn’t have political benefit for Walz anymore.
  Its already been national news for several days that Walz and Ellison are punishing 3 single women business owners for reopening, the ReOpen movement is going to exceed 100, the Sheriffs blew off a Harrington-Ellison plea to back them up, Lifetime and 40k moms of “Let Them Play” want a piece of him, an unwise fight picked with the gun rights movement added last minute, and the special sessions proved his political publicity nightmare IS GOING TO HAPPEN JUST IN TIME TO BE A COMMERCIAL FOR EVERY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL SHOW.
  If you watched the special session you saw what I saw. A DFL House majority that cannot withstand the above combined list of weights on their shoulders. Certainly not bear it long without sacrificing any chance to keep their majority, much less defend against a simple majority coalition vote to keep Walz dictator in January.
  I have been watching the puzzle pieces come together, but when I heard Larvita’s Haven’s Garden civil case for reopening was moved last minute today, to Wednesday at 1:30pm, and that Jane isn’t in court until after Walz has a chance to speak in the morning it all became clear. Dictator Walz is going to “dial back” tomorrow and promise to open everything up.  How soon? What hoops? How much does he pat himself on the back for “saving” us during the last 30 day shutdown? I don’t know.
  The one thing I do know? WE WIN IF EVERYBODY OPENS UP TOMOROOW. Unless Walz is prepared to arrest half the state, get murdered with bad PR at Christmas, while fighting two congressional body majorities, ask his DFL House to suicide their majority, AND fight lawsuits by the Lifetime Fitness CEO, “Let Them Play”, and the gunrights orgs…when only 2 of the 87 Sheriffs in MN answer phone calls starting (651)…………he’s gonna cave.


Note – If I’m wrong then the Governor is committing political suicide as never seen before and in contravention of all that is “Minnesota Nice” and I for one will be happy to produce the TV Christmas Special commercials reminding everybody he has chosen to be Ebeneezer Scrooge BEFORE the three ghosts visit. I will even attend the Irish wake when his political career and that of the Greater MN DFL is buried. Just because that’s the kind of guy I am.