Most of Minnesota’s judges were appointed by Democrat Governors. Therefore, although judges do not party affiliate, they are indeed Democrats. We have 123 judicial seats up for election this cycle.  And yes they are Democrats or lets say Liberals.  This provides us, or you, with an incredibly unique opportunity to literally pick your judge.  To be a judge in Minnesota, one simply needs to:

  1. Live in the area for the seat 30 days prior to the election.
  2. Be an attorney licensed to practice in Minnesota
  3. Be willing to sign up not less than seven days prior to the election to have write-in votes counted

If you meet these simple requirements and you are a conservative sign up below. 

If you know someone that meets these requirements and think that they would make a good judge, get them to sign-up.

Judges make $160,000.00 per year and I have to think it’s a good job since those that get appointed, just keep running, usually unopposed.

Judicial Races

Rocks and Cows – Judicial Application