Jay Duggan November 19, 2021

Like all school districts in Minnesota there was a discussion between parents and school boards about mandatory masking during the 2021 summer, and like most Greater MN districts masking was ruled out. Ruled out until just before school started when King Walz and the DFL decided they couldn’t let non-metro districts go maskless while face wrapping the little heathens of their worshippers in the metro. Walz had the MN Departments of Health and Education, plus Education Minnesota, spooled up the emails and fear demands to “strongly recommend” (wink-wink) mandatory masking, and one by one the rural and non-metro districts started implementing mandatory masks at the last school board meeting before school started to make COVID fear and govt necessity uniform across the state.

Hibbing School Board was chicken. They didn’t have the guts to mandate masks in the last board meeting when the parents arrived in force. The cowards on the Hibbing School Board decided to send emails to the parents on the first day of school announcing they had given the power to the Superintendent, and nothing would change their minds. Hibbing parents, previously organized to stop this from happening, decided to protest in front of the school. Kids that refused to wear a mask were send home from school and teachers jeered at the protesting parents out the windows. You can always count on government employees to have respect for the people that pay their salary.

The Hibbing School Board has not moved in their opposition to parent choice over masking, so Hibbing parents have retained a lawyer and take legal action to get parent authority for masking choices.

The parents in Hibbing have made data requests in the process of uncovering the school board’s mask policy formulation and reasoning. In that process they were stunned to receive copies of email communications that not only did School Board Chair Marge Martin seek information in September on how to implement a mask mandate, but that she had already decided ON A VACCINE MANDATE FOR TEACHERS AND KIDS! Marge didn’t have data in her possession to justify a mask mandate she had already decided on, and she was asking for data to justify a jab mandate she had also decided was necessary. If the CDC, King Walz, and MN Dept of Health “strongly recommend” a vaccine mandate for kids is there any doubt Marge will be first in line to jab kids or lock them out of school? Where do Senator David Tomassoni and Representative Julie Sandstede fall on a mandate? Would they stand by neutral and allow Marge to jab kids or lock them out of school?

Ask Marge, David, and Julie how they stand on vaccine mandates for staff and students, and if they are ready to give parents choice in masking their own children.

Tomassoni – [email protected]

Sandstede – [email protected]

Marge – [email protected]



Support Hibbing Parents – https://givesendgo.com/G2BBK

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