This article was put our by our friends at the DNR. I’ve highlighted and italicized the part of the article that exposes the real end to this effort.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Minnesota Four Wheel Drive Association (Mn4WDA) invite the public to a virtual summit to discuss current and future off-road vehicle opportunities in the state to kick off a master planning process.

The virtual event will take place from 6-7:30 p.m. on Nov. 18. A recording of the summit will be available after the event.

The Minnesota Legislature appropriated funding in 2019 to complete a statewide master plan for ORV trails, touring routes and recreation areas. ORVs are defined as 4×4 vehicles capable of off-road travel and include modified pick-up trucks, sports utility vehicles, and “rock crawlers.”

The Minnesota ORV Master Plan will identify ways to enhance ORV opportunities and expand the associated social and economic benefits for local communities. Project elements include data collection on existing trail use and user experience, and engagement with ORV enthusiast associations and those involved in other forms of outdoor recreation. The plan will include a thorough analysis of social and environmental factors to ensure identified ORV enhancement opportunities are sustainable and reflective of Minnesota’s multi-use approach to the outdoor recreation system.

Through an online survey and tool (WikiMap) that will launch Nov. 18, people will be able to share information about their vision for the state’s ORV system. The survey will be open through Feb. 28.

Those wishing to attend the virtual summit or complete the survey may log on to to do so. This website includes more information about the project, and will be updated periodically with new information about public engagement opportunities, surveys, and interactive maps. Those wishing to attend the virtual summit and require special accommodations may contact Joe Unger at 651-259-5279.

So being attune to liberal green extremist speak, what they are saying, is that we are going listen to you in order to get all the information the DNR needs in order to deem that ORV use, in Minnesota, is not “sustainable and reflective of Minnesota’s multi-use approach to the outdoor recreation system.” The Minnesota outdoor recreation system is only for those green hikers and kayaker’s that don’t disturb Bimbi.