Judicial Races

Out of 123 open judicial seats, only 5 are contested.

The vast majority of these sitting judges were appointees by Democratic Governors. Once appointed they simply continue to run, uncontested, for years. These are the people that are interpreting the laws that our legislatures have past. If they are all liberals, we will only get a liberal interpretation of any law. This is where and why a farmer can get suide for his cattle farting and loose. This is where the Governor can erect a dictatorship and get away with it.

We can find conservative candidates, must be attorneys, to run for these positions and write-in the ballots. Because most registered voters do not vote in the judicial races, we have a strong chance of turning this around, this election.

Candidates for State and Judicial Office

A write-in candidate for state or judicial office must file a written request for their votes to be counted. This request must be filed with the filing officer for that office not more than 84 days before the primary (May 19, 2020) and no later than the 7th day before the general election (October 27, 2020).

Learn More About Minnesota’s Judges and Judicial Elections.

Contested Judicial Seats

Associate Justice –
Supreme Court 4
Candidate NameLeaningsWebsite
Michelle MacDonaldConservativewww.macdonaldforjustice.com
Paul ThissenLiberalwww.paulthissen.com
Judge – 1st District Court 32  
Candidate NameLeaningsWebsite
Joseph CarterLiberaljudgejosephcarter.org
Martin “Marty” JudgeLess Liberalwww.JudgeforJudge.com
Judge – 2nd District Court 8  
Candidate NameLeaningsWebsite
Ngozi AkubuikeLess Liberalwww.ngoziakubuike4judge.org
Pat DiamondLiberaljudgepatdiamond.com
Judge – 9th District Court 4 
Candidate NameLeaningsWebsite
Charles D HalversonConservative 
Benjamin T. LindstromLiberal electjames.net.
Judge – 9th District Court 19 
Candidate NameLeaningsWebsite
Jana M AustadLiberal 
James HughesConservative