Jay Duggan. May 15, 2021

The Dictator’s Fishing Opener 2021 was in Otter Tail County this year. It was a reschedule from last year’s canceled event when he shut down the entire state’s resort industry in the first shot of his year long war against Greater Minnesota.

When Rocks and Cows, led by their local patriot Carol Hexum, heard Dictator Walz was coming to Rocks and Cows territory to fish with the “systemic” racists of Ottertail County they scheduled a parade tour of stops, speakers, and friendship. The event notice was widely shared and over a thousand replied with intentions to participate.

(Detroit Lakes 3pm start, Ottertail stop/speakers 4pm, Underwood stop/speakers 5pm, and Dent @Triple Play Bar for drinks and friends til dark)

Dictator Walz cannot have upset peasants in the same media shot as him, so much like the pre-recording of his “live” State of the State Address in Mankato, HE BAILED AND RAN HOME TO ST PAUL TO AVOID UPSET COMMONERS SPOILING THE BACKDROP OF HIS MEDIA COVERAGE. The Governor fished for 2 hours from the crack of dawn and bailed out even before the 8am opening ceremony had started. Will his sycophantic bootlickers in the metro media pack up and scurry out of God’s Country too? Or do they stay to cover the throngs that had hoped to let Dictator Walz know what they think of his rule? We shall see.

(It appears Dictator Walz used the “I think I hear my mom calling” excuse to run from controversy)
(And Minority Leader Daudt calls bullsh*t.)

Dictator Walz used the budget negotiations as his excuse to bail and avoid confronting the truth of his disastrous COVID response that focused on economic punishment and heavy regulations on school children instead of delivering a 100% state response to seniors to save lives. HIS 1 MAN RULE MUST COME TO AN END AND THERE SHOULD BE NO BUDGET UNTIL IT DOES!

This small cadre of House DFL members LIED to the voters for a year. First voting to remove dictator powers multiple times and then when the Republicans gained seats they switched TO PROTECTING DICTATOR RULE and still lied every day about trying to end them in a fake “committee” pretending to find an end to dictator powers. WALZ IS ONLY A DICTATOR BECAUSE THESE STATE REPRESENTATIVES ALLOW IT. They need to hear from you its time to end it or lose their jobs. Rep. Dave Lislegard – Virginia/Eveleth 651-296-0170. Rep. Julie Sandstede-Hibbing/Chisholm 651-296-0172. Rep. Rob Ecklund – I Falls/N Shore 651-296-2190. Rep. Paul Marquart – Dt Lakes/Clay Cty 651-296-6829. Rep. Mike Sundin – Cloquet/Moose Lake 651-296-4308. Rep. Gene Pelowski – all Winona Cty 651-296-8637

We aren’t getting our state back waiting for other people to do it for us. SUBSCRIBE and VOLUNTEER here at RocksAndCows.org to know what’s coming and how to be involved.

When Walz does come out of hiding and sees you with one of these on, he will know exactly what you think of him.


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