In the coming days, weeks and months Rocks and Cows of Minnesota will be conducting multiple polls and surveys. This is in a effort to understand exactly what topics, issues and candidates have the attention of all of us in Greater Minnesota. The higher level data collected from these efforts will be shared thru the free Weekly Roundup Newsletter subscription, you have to subscribe.. The polling and survey data will also be used in to formulate questions for candidates, for our upcoming interview series, as well as formulating the ultimate viability of a candidate and putting a quotative number to the performance of our currently elected officials.

We are working with a group to produce the polls and surveys that are designed to take just a couple of minutes to fill out. If you have been looking for a way to contribute with the little free time you have available, this is it! We will be putting these out in post form on social media, please share.. the higher the participation, the more relevant the results. Pitch in, take part, be herd!

Our current Governors survey has been out for several days. Currently Scott Jenson has a commanding lead with a surprisingly strong showing for Tim Christopher “Reverend Tim”. Expect the final results in next Fridays Roundup Newsletter that will also have all the events for the coming week; such as the Rocks and Cows Fall Event @ The Backwoods Bar in Bemidji on the 16th.

2022 Governors Race Survey

Rocks and Cows Fall Event

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