Well what can you say. I guess truth mattered at one time just not now. Of course, should we be surprised after the utter failure of the elections?

The totally lack of organization by the MNGOP to respond to any of the voting irregularities here in Minnesota is just shocking. Any REAL leadership would have had a plan for a post election fight; we knew there was going to be massive fraud with mail in ballots. When I personally asked, they assured me that they had a plan. But I have seen nothing to indicate that their “plan” was anything but hope and pray.

RECOUNTS, where are the RECOUNTS? It’s the overall thought that the MNGOP leadership ( I refuse to capitalize “leadership”) actually squandered all of the available funds, on a failing strategy, so there isn’t anything left to fund a recount. Our Candidates that won the election on the 3rd of November, only to wake up a day or two later, after the “found” ballots were counted, coming up less than a few votes short, have now been totally abandoned by the party leadership.

The leadership is now putting out that there are no issues with the Dominion voting machines. This prior to even the cursory check mandated by the state. One would have thought that the MNGOP leadership would be heading the charge to get observers out to watch the recount going on the first part of next week. But instead it is being left up to us the Rocks and Cows and the Minnesota Voters Integrity Team to put this together. What the hell? Could they be trying to cover up yet another failure?

A lack of a plan is a perfect plan for FAILURE!

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