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Michelle MacDonald
Michelle MacDonald- Stop corruption, legal tyranny, and restore justice.

I will make our Judges accountable to us – the people of Minnesota. As a judge in the highest judicial office of our state, I will protect your fundamental rights by eliminating the bureaucracy and making certain the Constitution is upheld in the Judicial Branch to restore Faith and Justice for all.” – Michelle MacDonald

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Justice Paul Thissen
Paul Thissen- Incumbent, Former Minnesota House Speaker, and Former DFL Minority Leader

Appointed in 2018 by Governor Mark Dayton the former south Minneapolis Representative has continued to show is leftist leanings. Ignoring the calls for justice from the “Rocks and Cows” of this state.

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Paul Thissen’s time in the Minnesota House.

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    We have one of the greatest opportunities to change the political landscape in Minnesota history. The VAST majority of the Judges in Minnesota are LIBERALS. […]